Wedding Highlights


A popular and most common, 3-5 minute video capturing the most exiciting events and moments of the day. You would be amazed at all the memories we can capture in this short video. Plus this video is great to share on the web and with family and friends!


Documentary Edits

This includes everything we shot during the wedding day in chronological order. It includes parts within the video with music and creative editing, while the rest is some raw footage allowing you to hear and see everything that's going on in that moment. We try to make our Documentary Edits a perfect in-between of music and creative editing while still keeping pretty much all the video we shot during the day included with NO TIME LIMIT. 

Below are short samples of Documentary Edits. Ask us for a link to check out a full sample.


Love Stories

What better way to conclude the wedding day with a 3-5 minute video of your personal love story edited within video shot that same day!  Attendants are always blown away at seeing your love journey projected for all to share. All couples that have included this option in their package have never regretted the investment.


Engagement/Proposal Video

Are you a boyfriend or girlfriend planning to propose? Want to capture this exciting moment on video? This latest addition to our services involves working with individuals to plan out the best way to capture how they pop the BIG question. We make sure to stay un-noticed so the real emotion and reactions are sure to show.